Primary School Tournaments



*MONDAY 28th OCTOBER 2019 - Years  5/6  Boys & Girls 

These tournaments are one day round robin tournaments, where the top teams go through to semi and grands finals that afternoon. All teams are guaranteed 3 x 30 minutes games -[except in the case of very late withdrawals or in the event that a divison may have limited participants], with all games played on the one day at a central venue.  All winners and runners up in each playing division receive trophies.  The Primary Schools Basktball Championships continues to be one of the best value schools tournaments in New South Wales.


Placings shall be determined according to the number of points earned [3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss, -3 points for a forfeit].


1. If there are teams equal in this classification, the result(s) of the game(s) between the two teams involved will be use to determine the placings.

2. In the event that the total points scored and conceded are the same in the games between the two teams, the classification will be determined by Goal Average taking into account the results of all the games played in the group by both teams.

3. If more than two teams are equal in the placings, a second classifiaction will be established taking into account only the results of the games between the teams that are tied.

4. In the event that there are still teams tied after the second classification, the Goal Average will be used to determine the placings, taking into account only the results of the games between the teams that are still tied.

5. If there are still teams tied, the placings will be determined using Goal Average from the results of all their games played in the group. 


1. All students must be in the grade nominated or lower at that school and must be enrolled in the same school.

2. All teams must have a school appointed coach or parent to supervise their players.

3. Each team must supply 1 person each to do duty on their own games.

4. Year 3/4 teams to use a size 5 basketball, Year 5/6 teams to use a size 6 basketball.

5. On the sixth team foul penalty shots will be awarded.

7. Only the last minute of the second half will be fully timed [the clock will stop for every whistle and every stoppage of play].

8. There will be 1 x 1 minute time out each per half, a 2 minute half time interval and a 2 minute warmup period [the warmup or half time interval may be reduced if games are behind schedule].

9. The clock will be started on the advertised starting time. In the event a team is not ready to play [in uniform and on court], they will conceed two points start to their opponents for every minute they are late up to a maximum of ten minutes when a forfeit will be called.

10. Where a draw occurs at the end of a finals match an extra period of 3 minutes will be played [only the final minute fully timed and the clock will stop for time-outs], with one 30 second timeout permitted. If the match is still a draw, a second extra period [not timed] will be played.

11. There is a 20 point mercy rule, where the winning team is to stop playing man to man defence and go back behind the 3 point line when the other team is bringing the ball up the court. Once the offence pass half way the defence can play man to man defence.                  


1. Year 5/6 teams take foul shots from the foul line.

2. Year 3/4 teams take foul shots from the foul line (small dash).

3. Year 3/4 teams will play on 8 foot 6 inch high rings.

4. Year 3/4 & 5/6 teams will play with no 3 point line in play


GAMES RESULTS: We will be posting the game results at the end of court 2 on the notice board.

SCORESHEETS:To help us run the games on time, please complete your team’s scoresheet 10 minutes prior to your game time at the end of court 2 [on the bench outside the front office].

SPIRIT OF COMPETITION: We ask all school representatives [players, coaches, teachers and parents] conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner at all times.  Unsportsmanlike or poor behaviour from players, coaches or spectators will not be tolerated.All queries are to be directed to the court/referee supervisors and/or tournament organisers who will assist you, and where necessary, make appropriate decisions in the best interests of all participating players, teams and schools.

TEAMS REQUIREMENTS: Teams will only be entered into competition when team entry fee & form is received. Teams must be endorsed by their School Principal and supervised by a parent or teacher at all times.

GAME TIMES: All games will commence at approximately 9:00am and conclude at approximately 3.00pm.

VENUE All games are conducted at our 7 court indoor stadium [Bankstown Basketball Stadium, Third Avenue Condell Park]. Telephone: 9707 1866, Facsimile: 9709 5812.


PARKING FACILITES: All participating players, coaches, officials and spectators are provided with free all day, off street parking in the stadium’s car park.

UNIFORMS: All teams must be in full uniform. Singlets to be numbered back & front & all singlets must be the same colour - undergarments [i.e. t-shirt under singlet] must be the same colour.

We will produce game day draws and distribute them to schools 1 week before the day/s of play [this is subject to us receiving entries on time]. 


Due to late and overdue payments from past championship days, school teams must pay their all of their participation fees in full prior to or on the day of play.

Team Entry, Player and Referee fees are charged to cover administration costs, court hire, referee fees, referee co-ordination and supervision, court supervision and games co-ordination, and trophies for all winners and runners up.

[1] Team entry fee of $35.00 per team [GST inclusive] must accompany the entry form.

[2] Player Playing fee of $9.00 [GST inclusive] playing fee per student. This fee is to be paid on the game day in bulk to the front office prior to playing, or can be paid when sending in your school entry form/s.

[3] Referee Payments schedule [for each playing day nominated] Team referee fee of $40.00 per team [GST inclusive]. 


All teams must be in full uniform. Singlets to be numbered back & front & all singlets must be the same colour.


For more information on these tournaments please contact Christine Rosina at the stadium.