High School Clinics


Bankstown Bruins Basic Skills Program can help your students develop or improve their hand/eye co-ordination skills, footwork, agility, passing, catching, bouncing a ball [dribbling] and shooting skills through conducting fun ‘skills clinics'.

Students play a range of fun skills games and are shown the correct techniques for a range of skills, helping them to improve their confidence where the emphasis is upon participation for everybody – all ages and skill levels.

The program is delivered throughout Australia by Local Associations who have trained presenters providing fun filled activity sessions at your local school, community centre or local stadium.

Whether you are committed to becoming a champion or just enjoy the sport of basketball, this program will offer appropriate programs to meet all children's desires.

Bankstown Bruins Basic Skills Program is a total package for today's children....GREAT GAMES, ENTERTAINING AND LOADS OF FUN.

We offer two program costs for school:

  1. $60 per session (max 30 kids) OR $80 per session (max 60 kids)- 1 hr at your school
  2. $3.50 per student (court hire) per week at Bankstown Basketball stadium PLUS $30 per coach (per group)

For further information or to book you school please contact Will Lopez on 9707 1866